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Hello! You may have been directed to this page to sign up for the on-demand viewing of IF:Gathering 2022 event, IF:LIVING STONES SAN...


Hello, friend! Just taking a break from the "Home" series for a little birthday surprise from me to you! Look for "Home, Part 3" sometime...

Home, Part 2

At roughly the same time I received that unexpected visit from Jim, my family was experiencing a crisis. My mother, who had been...

Home, Part 1

Hello, stranger! Okay, so realize I'm the stranger in this scenario. I haven't been writing for a really long time and thus this blog has...


Weeks prior to Chadwick Boseman’s untimely death, I had been thinking a lot about representation in the media and what that means and why...

My Second Act

I have never liked the term ‘midlife crisis.’ Blame it on sitcoms in the 80s and 90s, but whenever I hear the term I think of men having...


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